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13 décembre 2009

Night Gallery opening titles (gif by mogs)Psychomania (gif by mogs)oldhollywood:
Still from The Hearts of Age (1934, dir. Orson Welles & William Vance) (via giurassic), the first film directed by Orson Welles. The surrealistic 8-minute short, which was made when Welles was a 19-yr-old student, can be seen online here.
“The legend of Orson Welles holds that he knew little or nothing about the cinema before making Citizen Kane in 1941. And Welles nurtured this legend, attributing its innovations ‘to my ignorance. If this word seems inadequate to you, replace it with innocence.’ But his little-known first film, The Hearts of Age, made seven years earlier, gives the lie to the legend. While indisputably technically crude and a bit sophomoric, The Hearts of Age reveals both a keen eye for composition and montage, and substantial familiarity with film art.”
-excerpted from Brian L. Frye’s Senses of Cinema review
Mondrianimation (via sereneskunk)

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