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07 septembre 2009


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  • sources?

    i noticed some pictures that came from your blog to tumblr are actually TAKEN from tumblr and posted there first
    [like this one that came from itsdeadlicious.com ,but i brought it to tumblr]

    it would be cool if you could credit other people from tumblr,not only retrozone[half of their pictures are not really theirs,you know,they just don't say where they got it from]
    anyway,my point is that lot of tumblers are crediting your blog for something that clearly came from somewhere else...not fair don't you think?

    Posté par xxx, 09 septembre 2009 à 15:04
  • ...not fair...you're right
    I must confess that I rarely take the time to look all the sources...mea culpa
    but I think that vintage stuffs must freely circulate
    The REAL source is the (dead) photographer NOT the first person who publishes it on a blog...
    When I post a work of art I usually credit the artist...
    thank you for you reaction
    I'll try to be more careful in the future


    Posté par auch, 09 septembre 2009 à 20:51
  • yes,i agree about the real source and that this kind vintage stuff is kind of "public domain" so noone really has right to claim the copyright
    but the problem is actually with tumblr people who bring stuff there from here,not knowing or not minding that was actually posted on tumblr before...
    but that's something that neither of us can control,so,anyway,thanks for understanding

    Posté par xxx, 10 septembre 2009 à 13:12
  • hahaha ^^ seems like the copyright was replaced by the virtual fame ! good luck for crediting everything here, histoire de l'oeil

    Posté par iris, 10 septembre 2009 à 17:11

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